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ABB is one of the world's largest suppliers of process instrumentation and controls.  ABB manufactures a complete line of field and control room instrumentation.



The WaterMaster and ProcessMaster magnetic flow meters offer unmatched accuracy of ±0.4% or optional ±0.2%.  The VeriMaster Calibration option provides an insitu verification of the flow meter's calibration fingerprint.


Quantum Controls distributes products manufactured by the following companies:

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Contrec manufactures flow instrumentation for the process and petroleum industries,  Contrec is world renown for their Batch Flow Controllers.


The products include:



Delta Controls Corporation is the level measuring specialist for Industrial, Municipal, Power, Mining, Sanitary and Manufacturing processes.  

Delta offers products for :



Dwyer Instruments produces a broad range of precision instruments for measuring, transmitting and controlling temperature,pressure, level and flow.  

Dwyer's products include:  



ITT Neo-Dyn manufactures industrial switches for sensing pressure and temperature.   The Neo-Dyn pressure switch design incorporates a negative rate type pressure switch utilizing a Belleville spring. 


Advantages of the Nega-Rate® Belleville Disc Spring Switches


Stable Set Points - "Eliminates Constant Recalibration"




Vibration Resistant - "Eliminates Contact Chatter"




High Over-Pressure Capability - "No Affect on Set Point Accuracy"




High Cycle Life - "Millions of Cycles"





McDaniel Controls offers durable industrial pressure gauges designed  and manufactured for minimal failure and protection of personnel and property.



Gauges may be ordered already filled with your choice of glycerin, silicone or flourolube. Filled gauges are  recommended for applications involving vibration or pulsation.

MicroMod Automation products target applications in:



The MOD family of products provides flexible process control solutions designed to improve efficiencies and operations.  Many built-in features help protect your plant, your personnel, and your profits.


Pyromation, Inc. is the temperature sensor company.

Products include:



Wilkerson Instrument Co., Inc. designs and manufactures high quality signal conditioning instrumentation for the process  industry. 


Taylor Valve, Manufacturered by W.E. Anderson 


Hi Flow Valves with Line-E-Aire and Even-Action Actuators.


Complete offering of: